Alabama’s Career Center System consolidates the delivery of intake and assessment services with case management services. During these processes, customers are provided with labor market information, job development services, unemployment insurance information, vocational rehabilitation services, veterans’ programs, and referral to occupational training. The Career Center is a single, coordinated location for the provision of workforce development services for a given area as required by the WIOA.

Each Career Center includes a resource area that provides free computer access to conduct job searches and explore available training opportunities. If training is needed, the person will be referred by Career Center staff to the appropriate training program.

Alabama has seven Comprehensive Career Centers throughout the state.  At least one comprehensive center is required by WIOA for each Local Workforce Development Area. The four workforce development partners required to be located in a Career Center are the State Employment Service, Adult Education, Rehabilitation Services, and WIOA Title I-B. The seven Comprehensive Career Centers have staff from these WIOA partners on a full- or part-time basis. The remaining 46 Career Center locations are referred to as Affiliate (Satellite/Itinerant) Career Centers. These locations may not have program staff from all partner agencies located within the Career Center.