Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act services for youth and young adults, ages 18 to 24, include a Work-Based Learning Activity. This Activity includes work experience in public nonprofit businesses and paid internships in private for profit businesses.

The program targets young adults who are not attending secondary school and meet the requirements of the WIOA out-of-school youth program. The goal of the program is to promote the development of good work habits and basic work skills by participation in a structured paid work-based learning activity. Work-Based Learning is not a stand-alone activity but is an integral part of the overall services for young adults. Objectives include:

  • To improve a participant’s work maturity skills through meaningful work-based learning assignments and proper supervision; and/or
  • To improve a participant’s occupational skills through worksite instruction and well-supervised job tasks; and
  • To enhance a participant’s academic and other basic skills through relevant worksite experience.

Program participants will complete the Work-Based Learning Program activity with enhanced work maturity skills. In addition, participants should find that they have a better understanding of future employment or training options. Each participant’s work-based learning activities are reviewed and evaluated with respect to the above goals and objectives.

The program partners with Alabama Career Centers who are responsible for recruiting and determining eligibility for program participants. Career Center staff also solicit, review and select Worksite/Facilities and are case managers for young adults enrolled in the program.