State Programs, Planning, and Divisional Budget Management

The State Programs, Planning, and Divisional Budget Management Section of the Workforce Development Division administers state level Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs and activities funded with WIOA 15 Percent Set Aside Funds as well as programs and activities funded with State General Funds and other discretionary grants. The major, program administered by this Section, is the Incumbent Worker Training Program, which provides assistance to employers for employees’ work-related skills to be upgraded and/or train employees for new work-related skills necessary for the company to compete on a global basis, avoid layoffs, etc. A full description and application for the Incumbent Worker Training Program is available on the website. Another service, administered by this Section, for WIOA-eligible participants is Relocation Assistance. If a person is laid-off from their current employment due to no fault of their own and cannot obtain a job with comparable salary and benefits within 75 miles of their residence, we can provide assistance to relocate if they find a suitable job more than 75 miles from their residence. Application and approval has to occur before the move to the new location. This service, as well as the guidelines and application, are available on the website. This Section also reviews all WIOA Workforce Plans required by the WIOA for each local workforce development area and manages the coordination and development of the required WIOA Annual Report. All service provider expenditure reports are audited prior to submittal for payment processing to ensure that reported expenditures are in agreement with the approved budget for each service provider to avoid the payment of non-allowable costs. Other responsibilities include WIOA policy development (on behalf of the State WIOA Board), budget management, working with our Federal funding agency, the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Regional Office in Atlanta regarding our grant awards and other workforce issues and requests, and providing technical assistance to employers (applying for IWT Program funding) and other service providers and local workforce development area staff.