On-the-Job Training (OJT), an agreement specifically for employers under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, is a wage compensation program in which a portion of the participant’s wages are reimbursed for the extraordinary costs in additional time and attention generally associated with the provision of such training given to the lesser skilled participants.  Negotiations between the Career Center and employer establish the maximum length of participants’ training period. The maximum length of any OJT training, however, is not to exceed 1040 hours (or the 26 weeks/six months equivalence). For PY22, the reimbursement policy remained the same: The reimbursement for all employers was set at a max of 50% reimbursement.

This program is designed to fulfill the employment needs of local employers by providing a trained workforce while increasing productivity and profits. The goals of the OJT program are: permanent employment upon successful completion of training; placement into high-skilled, self-sufficient wage occupations that are long-term; and to build a skilled workforce for a growing Alabama economy. The OJT program is a highly successful training program for employers and their participants.