Incumbent Worker Training Program

Alabama’s Incumbent Worker Training Program provides funding for customized employee training to existing businesses. Businesses may use the funding to conduct a training program that provides employees with new and/or upgraded job skills that are vital for the company to maintain competitiveness in a global economy while also providing job security for the workers. A public or private trainer from outside of the business may be used, and the business selects the trainer that best fits its needs. A consortia of businesses may also work together to form a training program in order to reduce training costs and company downtime and apply for funding through the program. Funding may be used for training fees/tuition, curriculum development, and books/materials. Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, and the program is administered by the Alabama Department of Commerce/Workforce Development Division.

For more information, please contact Lorilei Sanders at (334) 353-1632 or