The Section is charged with the role of securing external funding through grant proposal writing to Federal, state, and private foundations solicitation grant applications and/or request for proposals.  This process involves research, project design, original writing/editing, and coordination/collaboration with various levels of government, business, faith-based/community-based organizations and advocacy groups.  A comprehensive network of grant writers has been established with several state departments, two-year colleges, and faith-based/community-based organizations.  Inherent in this process is the dissemination of grant announcements by the section to agency officials in the above entities in order to secure external funding for the state of Alabama.

The Section engages in networking, service coordination, active cooperation agreements and collaboration activities with staff of other divisions, state departments, businesses/industries, two and four year universities/colleges (In-State and Out of State), and faith-based/community-based organizations for the purpose of evaluating similar activities and programs and recommending those which may be appropriately implemented in the Alabama Workforce Investment System.  This role has created several workforce investment initiatives, i.e., a). the 21st Century Technician Initiative with the Alabama Department of Secondary Education with Perkins IV activities (State Career Technical Advisory Council membership, Tech-Prep Activities, Title IV Safe Environment funds, and Character Education), b). the Alabama Advanced Youth Initiative, c). the Governor’s Youth Taskforce, d). Ticket to Work Initiative, the Disability Program Network, e). Participation with County Workforce Strategic Planning Initiative facilitated by the Alabama Industrial Development Training Institute and f). the formation of two Tri-State Alliances (Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia, Northeast Alabama and Southwest Tennessee-Memphis area, Northeast Mississippi-Tupelo and Northwest Alabama to pursue workforce investment grant funding.