Dedicated Training Classes are funded when the demand for training in a specific geographic area exceeds the training capacity of approved training providers. The WDD may enter into contracts with training institutions to include postsecondary schools and other training providers to conduct class size “stand alone” programs serving WIOA only participants in specific training occupations such as welding, construction trades, etc.  Once training activities and service providers are identified and approved by the appropriate Local Board, staff negotiate budgets and prepare contracts (sub recipient agreements), and provide technical assistance to contractors to implement new programs.


In addition to contracting for the delivery of training service activities as described above the WDD staff is also responsible for the negotiation and administration of major contracts for the delivery of WIOA Title I-B Assessment and Case Management Services for the Career Centers in the Alabama Career Center System for five of the state’s seven local areas.  These contracts include staffing at each of the local Career Center offices and the Alabama Career Center System Area Supervisors that provide the day-to-day management of the Career Centers.